Pom Jazz Lyrical

BGU Pom Jazz Lyrical ADVANCED Online Course // Zoom - Sun 20th February 2022 Pom Jazz Lyrical 15:00-19:30(approx) GMT

The follow up to our Pom Jazz Lyrical Original course, the Advanced course takes you above and beyond all you need to know to train excellent dancers and competitive elements. This course can only be taken upon completion of the Pom Jazz Lyrical Original course - the two courses can be taken in the same weekend. A copy of the Advanced manual will be sent to you via mail.

END TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE- your course may run over time depending on participant interaction :) 


NOTE: This course is fast-paced and full of information. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND prior experience with dance, and bringing a demo dancer from your programme to this course to the zoom call (demo can join the zoom from separate location). During this course you will be asked to teach and choreograph your demo. If you presently don't teach at a programme/studio, please contact us at dance@buildingfromthegroundup as we may be able to provide you with a demo dancer for your course (not guaranteed). 


Adult coaches receive a full coaching qualification. This course is not open to junior coaches. 


You will be given access to online content the week prior to your course 


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BGU Pom Jazz Lyrical // Sat 26th February 2022 Pom Jazz Lyrical 10:00-16:00(approx) GMT **GOSPORT - IN-PERSON** Course

** IN-PERSON** Pom Jazz Lyrical is our dance course for everyone looking to start or expand their understanding of All-Star competitive dance. This course consists of 2 parts: digital content which can be accessed online (along with a digital quiz), followed by an Inperson course to walk you through the required skills and drills.


This course is available for both Junior Coaches aged 12-16yrs and adult coaches


Adult coaches receive a full coaching qualification. Junior coaches receive a certificate and Junior Coach T-Shirt. 


Address: Jessie Leigh Dance & Cheer Academy, 2 Wingate Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 4DR, United Kingdom


You will be given access to online content when registration closes



  • Still available!