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We are in WEEK ONE of our BGU Digital Summer Tour! Junior online course spots & junior bows are discounted, crewnecks will be launching this week, and keep an eye on our Instagram page for our Coach of the Week competition launching Sunday!

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  • We will NOT be running Level 1&2, 3, 4, 5 cheerleading qualifications online. We believe hands-on experience is absolutely necessary for these qualifications and cannot be adapted to an online format. 
  • We are running online courses for Pom+Jazz, Foundations, Hip Hop and our new Cheer Strength modules! Click the 'Enrol' tab!
  • Renewals are available via the Renewals tab. When renewal certificates are issued a free 3-month extension will be automatically added.
  • In-person courses will be returning ASAP! We don't have dates yet but when we do they will be available here. 
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