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FAQ: Can I renew my qualification with BGU?

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Free Lyrical Add-On

Our BGU Pom & Jazz course is getting a makeover - it is now BGU Pom Jazz Lyrical!

If you currently hold an in-date Pom & Jazz certificate, we are offering a FREE 1hr Lyrical add-on via Zoom. Attending this add-on will update your in-date Pom & Jazz certificate to a Pom Jazz Lyrical certificate. Your original expiry date will not change. 

This summer we will launch our Pom Jazz Lyrical ADVANCED qualification course. In order to attend this course, you must hold an in-date Pom Jazz Lyrical qualification. 

Note: use the 'invoice' payment option to confirm your lyrical add-on, as other payment providers are unable to process zero pound payments!

More dates will be made available soon!

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