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Teach and train cheerleading coaches. Building from the Ground Up has become the benchmark and the standard not only in the United Kingdom, but also in other countries around the World including Spain and Canada, due to its high levels of competence.



Tumbling is our communities' greatest unknown, with very few resources available to coaches it has been hard for our community to improve its knowledge. Building from the Ground Up has worked with some of our sports industry leaders to bring coaches this tumble-specific workshop. Coaches will learn to teach, condition and drill each of the core tumble skills of IASF levels 1-6 in a 'live' cheer gym environment. Each skill is taught with a range of drills while been instructed on the body mechanics of the drill as well as how to perfect and fix the drills ensuring maximum results. The course also introduces conditioning and basic shapes athletes need to master before they start tumbling. From forward rolls to a running full twist this course is a must for coaches and athletes who want to know more about tumbling. This workshop does not have all the tumbling answers, but it will most certainly kick-start a new understanding on creating safe, productive and successful tumblers.  

'BGU Tumble Experience’ - All the skills are taught in the true BGU style - condition, progression, drill so coaches fully understand how to be successful with the cutting edge material.




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Athlete based training working drills & skills. 

Coaches can attend with or without athletes and take notes. Great for coaches who do not yet have athletes at this level but want to increase their knowledge.  

(Athletes do not need to have a coach in attendance. Minimum attendance age 8 years)

Levels 1-2: 10.00am-1.00pm (3hrs) – (35.00) 
Levels 3 plus: 2.00pm-5.00pm (3hrs) – (£35.00) 

*Athletes must have a minimum Round off series to attend level 3 and above. Please note if BGU instructor does not feel the athlete is ready for a skill they will not proceed with higher levels. 

Refunds will not be given. If you are unsure of your level, please contact us to discuss - +44 (0) 208 669 3733 

*** Book full day for £60.00 - Contach forms.bgu@gmail.com to book full day


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What Customers Say About BGU

  • "I attended your course in Essex this weekend and wanted to give some feedback. Myself and the other girls from my team who attended have all cheered for a long time and still learnt a lot of invaluable new skills. The course instructors, Conor and Lisa, were so professional and helpful, as were all of the support staff on hand throughout the two days. I left feeling confident to go and teach the younger members of our programme safely and correctly, and also felt really inspired to improve the way we teach and work with the children, and implement new techniques and really work on the girls' individual progression. Thank you for delivering the training in such an inspiring, clear and motivating way!"

    Molly McBurnie
  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic training weekend on the BGU Levels 1&2 Course. I was very impressed with the whole experience, which was professionally run by knowledgeable and experienced coaches. The whole experience was extremely informative; the staff quickly realised that I had no experience in the cheerleading world, and were especially helpful in going over things I didn't quite understand, explaining things further to me, of which I am extremely grateful! I am very excited to implement what I have learnt."

    Jessica Waters-Leavins
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for my coaching qualification. I coach my old University team - we wouldn't be anywhere if your BGU team hadn't given me the confidence to stand up in front of 44 athletes and coach them this past season. Thank you!"

    Alicia Greaves
  • "Thank you once again for a great weekend. I feel re-energised and raring to go! Yet I also know what I need to concentrate on and work on to improve myself as a coach. I really would like to compliment the demo girls who patiently and diligently give up their weekends to help the future coaches and the safe development of the sport. So, thank you once again."

    Cathy Graham
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for the weekend, I really enjoyed it and felt like i learnt a lot from you and the others. Also the stunt teams were brilliant, so well done to them, too."

    Alex Fox
  • "Building From the Ground Up not only made me a coach but a better cheerleader. The hands-on approach is without a doubt the best way to learn the challenging sport. The course is delivered with an amazing consistency, having attended the Level 1&2 course twice, as a coach myself and bringing my coaches with me. While saying that, the wonderful people who deliver the qualification keep the course up to date with the ever-evolving world of cheerleading. The customer service is excellent and Lisa especially does everything in her power to ensure complete satisfaction. Each instructor has, on both courses, gone above and beyond. Hayden and Conor took time out of their lunches and at the end of the day to go over further questions or demos that we needed. Not only do i trust BGU with my education, I trust BGU in the education of my athletes. All in all the best coaching qualification for the developing cheerleader!"

    Cara McNally
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